Welcome to the new look!

Hi everyone.

I want to officially welcome you to the new collaboration space for Rotaract of Kansas City.  We will utilize this space to advertise our events, collaborate on each of our committees, and allow members to connect with each other.  Each week, someone from the board will post a blog piece and solicit feedback on ideas for improving the club and its functions.  I sincerely hope that you all make this a favorite page and check it frequently.

I also want to reach out and invite our membership to the Inauguration Ceremony that will be taking place on Thursday March 21st on the 6th floor of BizPerc in the Crossroads.  Here you all will mingle with Rotarian District Leadership, receive your official pin and help celebrate an official tradition in the Rotary process.  I know it will be a memorable time for the club and for each of us as well.

Lastly I wanted to write the first blog piece from the Board for this year.  I was reading on one of my recent flights and discovered a fact concerning the ancient Greeks.  They often used the word “idiotes” in reference to those members of the population that were not actively involved in public life.  Their communities valued public service and immersion in networking and politics, placing high virtue on those who participated in improving governance and community affairs.  Can you guess which English word is derived from theirs?  I am proud to say that all of you who will pledge your time, money and service in the future for Rotaract of KC would have certainly avoided this designation in their time.

I look forward to marking the “official” beginning of our club together this month, and look forward to the projects we will complete and people who will join us in the future.

Thanks everyone,

Nick McKenzie