Upcoming opportunity to build your network

Expanding our membership and getting Rotaract’s name out is one of the most critical steps to our organization going forward, and there is an event coming May 8 that is a great opportunity to do just that. I attend several network functions a month and can tell you that one of the best is Network After Work. Guys, this function is always high-octane networking with 150+ professionals in an energy filled room who are THERE to meet people. Not everyone in the room is under 30 mind you, but enough are to grow us. I went last time not representing my business, but representing Rotaract (that’s what was on my name tag sticker), and this is also how I met Paul Sanders and Paul Fricano who may join if they haven’t already.

I’m looking for 2 others who want to be there with me that night representing Rotaract KC because there are so many people I can’t get to know everyone. It takes place on a Wednsday at McFaddens at 1340 Grand Blvd, KCMO. It does cost $10 if you pay now, or $15 at the door – but you also get a drink, and paid events in my experience attract way higher quality people who are serious.

If you’re interested, of course contact Derrick or myself. My email is patandjenn.tdf@gmail.com.


Patrick Henderson
Primerica, Inc.