Greater Kansas City Day recap (Royals Home Opener)

Wow! Monday was quite a whirlwind! Despite a couple communication challenges, I would say it was very successful volunteer event! I’m glad we were able to help on of our sponsoring Rotary Club 13 put on an even more successful event with the extra manpower. Thank you SO MUCH to the volunteers that came for helping out. It truly will make a difference in multiple children’s lives.

I wanted to share the news with the chapter about how much we raised. Take some sweat + a little husslin’ and you get the Rotaracters raising…………(drum roll please)…………..$2,020!!!!!!!!! The Plaza Rotarians raised $2,600 to aid Rotary Club 13’s mission to raise money for the Rotary Youth Camp which provides free summer outings for handicapped children and year round activities for Boy and Girl Scouts. When I find out how much was raised city-wide, I’ll update the post. Congratulations on being Rock Stars!!

I was really proud of and personally impressed with our team of volunteers (10 strong) working the tailgating crowd to raise this money. Multiple Rotarians commented that we brought a lot of energy to the day and were very excited about our work. I’d like to thank them now:

  • Kate Dirks + fiance
  • Jeff Dutzel + friend
  • Paul Fricano
  • Caroline Fong
  • Derrick Idleburg
  • Brett Moffitt
  • Paul Sanders
  • Sarah Snyder

All in all, it was a successful event and a good amount of money to add to our club tally! Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you at more Rotaract KC events!

—————————————————-SIDE NOTE – POLL——————————————————

Some Rotarians would like us to come to their club meetings to meet us – especially after this great work we’ve done. Some of the board has visited a number of times but I’m interested in seeing if the chapter members want to get involved. I think it’d be great if we set up something where one Rotaracter a week attends one of the club meetings and switch off clubs every other week. It would be a great way to understand how the Rotary Clubs work and meet some of the Rotarians while they do the same. Would you be interested in a program like this? Comment below with your thoughts either way!


Sarah Snyder, VP