Conventions all across the globe

Hi Everyone,

If you have been keeping up with the blog posts, you would notice that there are several opportunities coming up for learning and fellowship at Rotary conferences.  Close to home, our group will be presenting and fundraising at the District 6040 Conference at the end of this month, April 27th at the Courtyard Marriott in Blue Springs, MO.  All of our actual members are more than welcome to attend this conference and rub elbows with a fantastic group of Rotarians from all around the area.  If interested, please contact me in order to talk about registration and being included in our fundraising and presentation on Saturday.

Second, and most important, our group is accepting applications to send a few of our members to the Rotaract portion of the Rotary International Conference in Lisbon, Portugal from June 20-27.  We only have a few applications at this point, and would like to have a robust competition to send committed members who will maximize this opportunity and bring meaningful ideas back to our group.  Rotaract will cover a large portion of this trip for those chosen, and do not miss this opportunity of a lifetime.

Closer to home, we have a Chapter Meeting on Wednesday April 24th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at Bier Station in Waldo.  Our membership chair Derrick Idleburg has arranged this new venue for us, so I hope that each of you will do your best to bring a new guest.  It is the responsibility of each member of our group to continuously bring prospective members to our meetings.  I look forward to seeing you all there.

Our next service opportunity will be on Saturday May 4th, 2013 at the Rotary Youth Camp in Lee’s Summit.  More details to be delivered at the Chapter Meeting.

Finally, it has come to my attention that we have 25 dues paying members as of our board meeting yesterday.  I am thrilled with our current growth and hope to continue this trend.  Look for a mentoring program soon with Rotarians from both of our parent clubs and this could be a great professional development opportunity to pitch to prospective members.  See you all soon.

Nick McKenzie

President of Rotaract Kansas City | 816-651-8620 mobile