Resignation of President McKenzie


Dear Rotaract of Kansas City,

I am writing this post with great sadness because it is my resignation from the leadership of our club.  For most of us, there is a difficult tightrope balance between our professional lives, our personal lives and our civic involvement.  In fact, in many ways the three form a sort of triangle, in that when one side become drastically longer than the others, the others must shorten in order to remain a shape.  In my case, the professional side has grown dramatically in length in recent months, and in my opinion and with great advice from my Rotary mentors, it has become necessary that I step down from my position in the club.

While I come to this decision with a heavy heart, I am equally energized by the future of our club.  Our talented and equally experienced Vice President Sarah Snyder will succeed me per the terms of our adopted Constitution.  I have great confidence she will execute the duties of the Presidency with great skill and certainly more grace than I.  In the interim, her VP position will remain vacant until our next scheduled election time.  We as a leadership group will be bringing information on elections in the very near future.

So, in closing, I remain committed to the club and its intentions as I have since myself and several others began formulating its inception last year.  I will serve as a Past-President, counseling and providing advice to our current group as well as continuing to make connections with the larger Rotary community.  You will see me at various events, chapter meetings and such as my schedule allows however I will always be a fierce supporter of Rotary and its mission.  I appreciate your time, your efforts and hope that you continue helping drive our club towards its goals in this new and exciting time of change. Thank you all.


Nick McKenzie, Inaugural President of Rotaract Kansas City