Introducing #MemberMonday

As we wait for all these April showers to bring about some May flowers, let’s get to know the members of Rotaract KC! Introducing #MemberMonday when we will highlight a different member each week. Read on!


Ellen getting excited about the bison herd behind her in Badlands National Park.

Member Name: Ellen Ramsey


Ellen is the Rotaract KC President-elect and is a pretty great gal. She enjoys eating, drinking (specifically whisk(e)y and craft beer) and traveling. Let’s learn a little bit more about her!

What do you do for a living? I am an Associate Director at the NAIA Eligibility Center. Technically, the Associate Director of Learning & Performance which means I am responsible for the creation and implementation of training programs for both new and existing staff and focus a lot of time on quality assurance.

What are you passionate about? Helping other people better themselves really gets me going. Whether that’s through community involvement via Rotaract or in my career, you’ll usually find me pursuing something that positively affects others.

What are your hobbies? I grew up playing cello and I still like to get it out from time to time. I also enjoy traveling when I can and getting outside for a good hike.

What is your hometown? I was born and raised in the Kansas-side suburbs of KC!

What’s one factoid about you we probably don’t know yet? In 5th grade I won my school spelling bee and went on to the regional competition where I got out in the first (or second?) round for misspelling “skeleton.” I said the letter “l” in my head but not aloud and was so confused when the judges said, “That is incorrect.” It was a disappointment I have yet to get over.

Why did you join Rotaract KC? I helped found a Rotaract club in college and when I moved back to the KC area, I really missed being involved with a group of people who cared about their community and were committed to giving back to it. I was thrilled to find that Kansas City has a community-based club and joined immediately!